SHFREE 02 - Ghostek - Lost Tapes EP

by Square Harmony

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For the last couple of years Ghostek has haunted internet channels with ethereal mixes and a mounting number of "ghost garridge" works. Finally Lost Tapes is the producer's first official release for new label Square Harmony.

As the name suggests, Ghostek's sound melds scissory 2-step with poignantly charged atmospherics. Few have managed to reach the same crushing Abyssopelagic depths with this formula as Burial, inhabiting instead the teeming waters somewhere a little closer to the surface. And here's where you'll find Lost Tapes—in between the Sun and Twilight zones. "Cryostasis" is the most abstract and interesting of the three. A minimal broken beat rattles around a busy pallet of onomatopoeic samples, warbles and melodic clips. "Night & Low Light" however is a much simpler affair, the typical future garage-y heart-tugger that metrically canters along a familiar albeit pleasing pathway. "Nomad" concludes on a sunken Echodub-style note with a chugging sub grumbling beneath billowy layers of vocal shards and chords. Though this particular EP won't be filling floors or jerking many tears, as far as autumnal afternoon accompaniments go they don't get much better.


released October 24, 2011



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